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How Poor Communication Results in Workplace Mistakes

Poor communication = poor productivityResearch studies tell us that 70% of workplace mistakes are a result of poor communication.

Communication failures can be costly.  It can cause loss of business, accidents, frustration, hostility, high employee turnover, low productivity and much more.

According to Kris Cole, who wrote the book Crystal Clear Communication, there are quite a range of communication difficulties.  These being:

  • Not explaining goals or priorities properly
  • Not listening
  • Not understanding fully and failing to ask questions
  • Mind made up, preconceived ideas
  • Not understanding others' needs
  • Not thinking it through clearly, jumping to conclusions
  • Losing patience, allowing discussion to become heated
  • Short of time
  • Bad mood
  • Failure to explore alternatives

But it's not just personal communication that can go awry.  Business communication will also fail to miss the mark, if those responsible for corporate communication have the same communication difficulties as mentioned above.  That's why it is so important when companies commence a training video that all of those involved in the process are on the same page.  Otherwise, the training video process can be drawn out and in danger of missing the mark.

Where in your daily life can you change your communication style to ensure mistakes get reduced?  And for company communication, how can you make sure it is unified with all those responsible aligned with the same agenda?