Marie-Claire helps leaders build trust improving accountability and team connection.

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Learn tips, tricks and challenge your world view to help you build trust fast, in order to reduce risk, so your team can focus on results.

Building Trust Leadership Insights




Leadership teams

Marie-Claire works with leadership teams to improve trust levels, in order to improve alignment, focus and decision-making speed.




& supervisors

Marie-Claire works with leaders to develop more effective relationship building techniques that help them improve accountability, employee wellbeing and hit team goals faster.

Smiling worker wearing yellow vest with arms crossed in a large warehouse



Marie-Claire works with health and safety communicators who need to engage others and influence their behaviours, in order to take the right safety actions.



Marie-Claire is passionate about creating thriving, high trust workplace where everyone can rely on each other to get work done at a high standard.  She is all about empowering leaders and employees through supporting them with new ways of looking at issues, as well as providing new habits and techniques.  Learn More.



“Marie-Claire’s workshop to our 550 safety leaders was phenomenal. Everyone has been given some very good tools and questions to improve trust. Absolutely phenomenal.” 

Safety_Conference Alan Joyce, CEO, Qantas


"It was clear that for team members who went through ongoing coaching with Marie-Claire - their confidence in trying different things increased a lot. They gained the confidence to try and be a better manager, to try different techniques and they gained some understanding in responding their team and taking the feedback and turn that into something better. I think they were also better at receiving and interpreting feedback. Less defensive when they were receiving feedback as to why they were being criticised or why their team weren’t responding in the way they would have hoped. It was a good way to reinforce the learning and create new habits."

Alick Osbourne, CEO, Seasol International


“Thank you for providing an excellent workshop for TEC KEY 102. You were very effective in engaging with the TEC members and you received excellent ratings from members.  By emphasising exercises with the tools in small member groups throughout all of the workshop you raised the level of engagement and learning for everyone.  I very much appreciated your professionalism and receptiveness to members."

Jim Landau, Chair, The Executive Connection


“Trust is something that I believe is an incredibly important issue. Currently, I’ve got two really important relationships that I’m struggling with around trust. My natural operation is more instinctual. This workshop has provided me with a clear process of how I can approach it in a different way. I thought the workbook and approach used was brilliant.” 

Senior Associate, Digital Strategy Consultancy

Safety Programs

“After disappointing results with previous safety campaigns, we tried the SELLSAFE techniques that gave us new strategies to make our communication clearer and easier to understand. Now, we’re finding that we’re having better success getting through to our 560 employees with more focused communication that’s getting positive feedback from employees and supervisors. They’re even using our pamphlets to help remind and train employees. Thank you, Marie-Claire, we owe you a debt of gratitude to sharing for sharing your marketing principles in your book, we which have enabled us to more effectively reach our target audiences.” 

Bill Mainord, Health, Senior Engineer, City of Riverside, Los Angeles

SUCCEED Together® Assessments

"Good in depth characterization of behaviours to build high trust.  The assessment was good to allow myself to reflect on my own current capabilities and growth areas.  I am inspired to reflect on the workshop and adopt the practices into my leadership toolkit."


Senior Executive, Industrial Organisation