supporting leaders to better trust themselves, in order to better lead their teams

Is your culture:

  • Undergoing a cultural transformation?
  • Mired in burdensome red tape and bureaucracy?
  • Experiencing high absenteeism and/or turnover?
  • Prone to ignoring employee concerns?
  • All about tasks, not people?
  • Focused on leadership principles and values around trust?

Are your leaders:
  • Led by technical experts with gaps in their people leadership skills?
  • Heavily task focused that leaders overlook spending time with their people?
  • Second guessing themselves and fearful of making a decision?
  • Defensive when it comes to receiving feedback on their performance?
  • Missing opportunities to connect with people on the job?
  • Floundering in their leadership because they have received minimal leadership training?

The Trusted Leader leadership training program begins the process of helping leaders and managers across your organisation understand how creating a thriving, trusted culture starts with them. They will receive some tools to help them take control of improving their leadership, as well as providing the time and space to talk more deeply about what it takes to be a trusted leader

We need trusted leaders who support their employees and can be relied on to do the right thing.

The objective is for leaders to focus on how they are building themselves as a trusted leader. Key to this training program is helping leaders further develop their self-awareness and understanding of how they are perceived as a leader. Self-awareness has been found to be the most important capability to develop. It is key to being trusted by your people

This is essential training for new leaders and those who have received limited leadership training. For more advanced leadership training, refer to the Trusted Teams Leadership Program.


After the training, leaders will spend more time working with their people and making time for more meaningful communication. They will know what they can control and what they can’t.
They will be more confident in being a leader and understand the behaviours they need to work on to be the future leader their people need them to be, as well as what steps they need to take. They will start the journey to move their team into a better and more sustainable performance zone.           




Module 1: The Importance of Being a Trusted Leader

  • Unpack the business case for being a trusted leader
  • Identify three different leadership skills. 
  • Discover three blind spots to being a trusted leader
  • Understand the differences between being a Trusted versus Not a Trusted Leader


  • Identify and better manage three supporting or opposing trust forces.
  • Understand the importance of developing more self-awareness.
  • Practice how to encourage better feedback about your leadership.
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Trusted_to_thrive hardcover

Module 3: Being a Trusted Leader

  • The four levels of becoming a trusted leader.
  • How to be an authentic leader.
  • Unpack what it means to be a leadership role model.
  • Discover your leadership style and the future leader you wish to be.


  • Learn how to be a more intentional and supportive leader.
  • Use effective techniques to manage your expectations.
  • Recognise and respond to people's emotions.
  • Practice making time to connect and better understand others.
  • Plan the steps need to be a trusted leader more consistently.


These modules are designed as 90 minute masterclasses delivered in person or virtually. Teams can undertake training in a full day, half day or over four weeks. Participants receive an action plan. All classes involve a lot of interaction, learning from one another and self-reflection activities. The training can also be combined with assessments.

If you want a longer and deeper leadership training program (with other participants from other companies), visit the Tribe of Trusted Leaders - Leadership Mastermind.

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"Marie-Claire delivered the Trusted Leadership workshop over half a day for our TEC senior executives. She has deep subject matter expertise and involved members with plenty of breakouts and engagement. It was a valuable session with strong member engagement. Members also appreciated the handouts and mental models used during the workshop "
Steve Gallagher
The Executive Connection, Chair
"Marie-Claire delivered a master class to a diverse representation of the membership of Women in Banking and Finance. This is a pertinent issue for our membership, who hold leadership roles across the full spectrum of the financial services sector. Marie-Claire’s approach was very pragmatic and engaging.  Our members asked numerous questions and have given strong feedback describing the session as interesting, valuable and insightful. I would highly recommend Marie-Claire’s workshops and content."
Jen Dalitz
CEO, Women in Banking and Finance

"Marie-Claire is a knowledgeable and engaging presenter who provided a great understanding of our business and broader organisational context.  Marie-Claire ran a series of three workshops with nearly 700 of our Executive Level leaders in the ATO.  The workshops empowered our leaders to look at how they build trust with their teams & stakeholders, and gave them the tools to make effective and lasting change.  By modelling trust and building connection, our leaders will be able to increase engagement and improve overall leadership capabilities."

Jennifer Moltisanti
Assistant Commissioner | Not for Profit Centre and Government | Australian Tax Office

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