Increase engagement.  Boost Team Credibility.  Retain great talent.

In today's fast-changing world, employees are increasingly feeling overwhelmed, disconnected or anxious about what will happen next.  And leaders are under pressure to manage and inspire people in this uncertain environment.

Soft skills often get forgotten when the pressure is on.  Yet, they are the skills required to stop talent attrition, disengagement and burnout.

Trusted leaders focus on creating a team environment that supports all of their team members to reach the Achievement zone - avoiding falling into Anxiety, Abatement and Apathy.

As human beings, we all want to be trusted. Our deepest need is to be visible, to feel heard and that we belong. It doesn’t matter where you work or how you work. If you have trust as the foundation for your team environment, you can put your team anywhere and under enormous pressure, and they will thrive. Adapting to uncontrollable situations, making fast decisions, continually improving and finding new market opportunities.

What team leaders require are applicable techniques for their circumstances to improve their confidence and skill in creating a team culture that thrives.  

The good news is that there is a proven time efficient system to help leaders not only reduce their frustration, but improve their team's productivity, health and job satisfaction.

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The Integrated Trust Building System (colour)100

The Integrated Trust Building System has been developed to answer the questions that people worry about subconsciously in the workplace.  Questions that impact performance.

It forms the map of topics that highlight the path for leadership development programs.

Teams move up into the Achievement Zone when the leader sends the signal “we’re in this together.” 

This program has been designed to help leaders reduce their leadership effort, but double their team impact.

It equips your leaders to more efficiently gets teams out of the Anxiety Zone or Abatement Zone into the Achievement ZoneHelping managers more effectively lead accountable, connected teams that trust each other, in order to free up a leader's time to focus on other tasks.

Drawing on neuroscience to understand the brain’s response to building trust, The TRUSTED TEAMS leadership program offers team leaders knowledge and tools for both themselves and their teams to thrive.

The program will support your leaders and teams in situations where leaders are:

  • Failing to hold their teams, and themselves, to results.
  • Working people really hard - putting people into the anxiety zone.
  • Doing a lot of the day-to-day work, rather than delegating to their team.
  • Avoiding pulling up employees for poor quality work or behaviours.
  • Struggling to help people understand the true meaning of their work, so that people are in abatement.
  • Failing to leverage the collective intelligence of their team.
  • Ignoring people problems until they become big and unmanageable.
  • Not trusting their people.  The result is micromanagement and employees falling into the apathy zone.
  • Not trusting their peers.  Creating silos between teams.


Trusted Leaders:

  • Foster psychologically and physically safe teams. Leaders realise the impact of interpersonal risk and ensure everyone feels safe to speak up.
  • Ask more. Tell less. Trusted leaders are less about being directive and more about being inquisitive. They ask questions that empower employees to trust themselves and take initiative.
  • Run effective one-on-ones and meetings. Trusted leaders are confident to communicate in ways that improve what people need to do and understand what is going on.
  • Create connection.  Trusted leaders help their direct reports understand everything links together.  The people, parts, processes and products, across the organisation, in order to increase meaning of work and reduce silos.
  • Pull people into a meaningful future.  Trusted leaders reduce uncertainty and fear through highlighting a brighter future to help people know where they fit in.
  • Are accountable.  You can’t have accountability if leaders aren’t trusted.  A trusted leader is accountable and demands accountability.
  • Are visible. Transparency is the key to being trusted and ensuring accountability and safety.  
  • Develop a trusted team culture. Create a place where people are excited about going to work and contributing because they know they are valued and appreciated. This is the Achievement Zone.


"Marie-Claire delivered a webinar to a diverse representation of the membership of Women in Banking and Finance. This is a pertinent issue for our membership, who hold leadership roles across the full spectrum of the financial services sector. Marie-Claire’s approach was very pragmatic and engaging.  Our members asked numerous questions and have given strong feedback describing the session as interesting, valuable and insightful. I would highly recommend Marie-Claire’s workshops and content."
Jen Dalitz
CEO, Women in Banking and Finance
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"Marie-Claire is a knowledgeable and engaging presenter who provided a great understanding of our business and broader organisational context.  Marie-Claire ran a series of three “Achievement Zone” workshops with nearly 700 of our Executive Level leaders in the ATO.  The workshops empowered our leaders to look at how they build trust with their teams & stakeholders, and gave them the tools to make effective and lasting change.  By modelling trust and building connection, our leaders will be able to increase engagement and improve overall leadership capabilities."

Jennifer Moltisanti
Assistant Commissioner | Not for Profit Centre and Government | Australian Tax Office

"Before the Trusted Teams training program, our supervisors were not modelling appropriate leadership behaviours and were inconsistent in their approach. There was often a negative communication style that adversely impacted engagement and retention. Your sessions were delivered in a way that really landed - the discussions, direction by you and the tools you presented. The program's impact extended beyond the sessions, with leaders applying newfound tools and concepts to improve communication styles and team dynamics. We have even been able to successfully introduce daily mentor feedback which has vastly improved the performance of teams. As a result, our team has witnessed a positive transformation, experiencing heightened collaboration, consistent leadership behaviours, and overall improved confidence and effectiveness in their roles. It has made a big difference to new employees who now see and feel a more consistent and positive culture. Your program has provided broader growth for the guys and the business that has set us up well for the change ahead."

Jason Davenport
General Manager, Ecodynamics



This program is based on the book, Trusted to Thrive.  It is for team leaders at any level who wish to learn new technique to engage their team members in this new world of work. 

This training is available both as online (live) and face to face training.  The curriculum (see below) can be modified to fit into 3.5 full days or broken down into 3 series (safety, connection or future of 1 day each or 4 x 90 minute individual masterclasses taken over weeks or months).  The program is interactive, so participants get to learn from each other.  Up to 25 participants are included.  The Program includes:

  • Design meeting – Discussion to understand leadership capability objectives, employee challenges and mindsets.  This can also be supplemented with results from stakeholder interviews.
  • Introduction session - this can be in the form of a keynote, half day workshop or a series of videos for participants to learn the basics facilitation begins.
  • Pre-work – Participants are encouraged to read a chapter in the book before each session and to bring their questions and current workplace challenges to work on during the training. Homework is also given between sessions and participants are encouraged to bring their real-life issues into the sessions to work on.
  • Interactive workshops (selected from core curriculum or additional, so that it is right for your audience and your leadership development program).
  • Group coaching - To further embed the training, group coaching is encouraged to enable participants to learn from one another and to master the content.
  • Debrief – To close out the program, results from the workshop evaluation, as well as observations from coaching will be shared with the project sponsors.


Leadership development curriculum


This training is designed for a variety of leaders.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Foster a safe team environment in order to improve employee engagement and sharing issues.
  • Create connected team members, in order to increase the meaning and understanding of work and reduce silos
  • Better communicate the future vision.


  • Easy to understand tools and techniques that they can use straight away.
  • A workbook to undertake activities, learn important information and write notes.
  • Easy to use plug and play frameworks to more efficiently produce communication.
  • The opportunity to bring in current workplace issues, in order to solve challenges in realtime.
  • A copy of the book, TRUSTED TO THRIVE.


"The team was super happy with the workshop at our internal conference. It was well-received and appreciated. Best session we ever had - even when compared to when we had face to face conferences."

Karine Bouchez Boutouta
Nordic Franchise Head IHD, Novartis


Every organisation is different.  And that's why the Trusted Teams Leadership Program is customised to your needs.

Working with your organisation may involve:

  • TRUSTED TO THRIVE keynote - A refreshing way to learn core curriculum and inspire your leaders.  This can be done online or in person.  It is a compulsory before attending the Trusted Teams Leadership Program.  It is based on my book TRUSTED TO THRIVE.
  • SUCCEED Together® stakeholder interviews.  To really understand what employees need from leaders the best way is to ask them.  Things have changed so much.  These insights then feed into your HR, communication, leadership development and organisational strategies.  The responses provide effective guidance on what topics and tools leaders need to help employees.   
  • Trusted Teams Leadership Program - This is flexible program where you can select the full three day program for your leaders or select masterclasses from the below.  It is based on the book TRUSTED TO THRIVE.  Each Masterclass is 90 minutes each which can be extended into half day or full days depending on people's schedules.  If you have opted for stakeholder interviews, tools and examples will be provided for your leaders based on your stakeholder interview results.  This ensures your training is effective and meet the needs of your people.
  • Executive coaching - In addition to training, supplementing it with coaching can vastly improve your leader's confidence in learning and implementing new leadership techniques.


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