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Posts by Marie-Claire Ross:

it's time to reflect and renew

Marie-Claire Ross Wed, Dec 16, 2020
it's time to reflect and renew

Since 2005, I have spent 30 minutes every New Year's Eve writing down three things on a blank piece of paper:

1. What am I grateful for?

2. What am I willing to let go of?

3. And what do I want to bring into my life in the next year?

Is Trust earned or given?

Marie-Claire Ross Wed, Dec 9, 2020
Is Trust earned or given?

A common statement that (older) leaders assert is that trust must be earned.  Many a time I've had to listen politely while a CEO or senior executive tells me (uninvited) how they believe trust has to be earned. That if you give trust, people will take advantage of you.

And then other times, people will tell me that they believe trust is given first.  Interestingly, such leaders tend to not try to convince me so rigourously.

But here's the thing.  It's neither.

Trust is reciprocated.  It's an exchange between two or more people.

Trust begets trust.

Don't believe me?  Well, this is where social science holds its own.  It is how the brain works and can be proved scientifically.  

How to IMPROVE ACCOUNTABILITY with your direct reports

Marie-Claire Ross Wed, Nov 25, 2020
How to IMPROVE ACCOUNTABILITY with your direct reports
So you think you're a great boss.  You care about your people.  You create a happy work environment.  And you bring in the best chocolate brownie for your team (back when we could do that).  Yet, sometimes you feel let down that your direct reports don't do work at the right standard or selectively hear which tasks they need to do.  Sound familiar? 
Okay.  So maybe I might be talking about myself.  Or a friend of mine.  But let me tell you about what I did to turn this situation around.  To improve accountability, I reference a battery.  Not any type of battery.  But a trust battery.
Sound kooky?  Let me explain.

Leadership: How are you getting results?

Marie-Claire Ross Tue, Nov 17, 2020
Leadership: How are you getting results?

One of the most common complaints from employees about leadership is that leaders don't 'walk the talk.'  It creates a lack of trust - spurring resistance to goals and negative employee interactions. Making it hard to generate cultural change longer term.

And while everyone likes to blame leaders for this perceived lack of integrity, aligning our intentions with our actions is difficult.  Sometimes people misread our actions because they don't understand the context driving our behaviours.  While other times, we are not aware that there is a disconnect.