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Announcing New Book: Transform Your Safety Communication

transform_your_safety_communicationMarie-Claire Ross, author of the highly acclaimed book, Transform Your Safety Communication, is helping safety leaders and safety professionals improve their safety leadership and communication skills, in order to change how workers think about safety compliance.

Melbourne, Australia (PRWEB, Date) – Marie-Claire Ross, CEO and Author at Digicast Productions, a safety communication agency, today announced the launch of the new book, Transform Your Safety Communication: How to Create Targeted and Inspiring Safety Messages for a Productive Workplace.  It’s designed specifically for safety leaders who wish to create attention grabbing, easy to understand safety messages that motivate workers to change their safety habits.

Effective communication is vital to get staff and contractors aligned and working towards a positive safety culture.  Yet, just providing instruction to work safely is not enough.  How we communicate about safety influences whether or not people will accept or reject our safety messages.

Yet, few safety professionals are taught how to engage and influence workers when it comes to both writing and talking about safety communication.

Marie-Claire Ross, the author, says that “Safety professionals want their safety leadership messages to be understood and acted upon.  This can be challenging when you have language and geography barriers, age differences and people just not listening because they suffer from the highly contagious “it won’t happen to me” bias.  Then, there is the issue of trying to get people to listen to what is said, not what they think is being said.  So often, safety professionals feel so frustrated that their safety messages are being misinterpreted.  Being able to create the right safety message that gets attention, that people can understand, remember and then take the right action upon, is crucial for successful safety leadership.”

Transform Your Safety Communication provides safety professionals with the secret psychology techniques used by advertising agencies to influence and engage.  This easy to read and practical book teaches:

  • The 4 powerful commandments of safety communication.
  • How to grab your audience’s attention.
  • How to create memorable safety messages.
  • The 8 elements of the SELLSAFE formula to change safety behaviour.
  • How to quickly transform your safety communication with 5 easy templates and frameworks.

The book is available in five formats, PDF, Mobi, EPUB, paperback and a shorter condensed version which also includes the 5 done for you templates.

It is available from www.safetycommunicationbook.com, Amazon and all good online bookstores.

For those interested in downloading a free chapter visit: http://www.safetycommunicationbook.com

Marie-Claire Ross (BA Hons) began her career in market research.  She worked with well renowned advertising agencies and communication consultancies, testing communication campaigns for success.  Here, she honed her word-savvy skills, writing assorted business reports to engage time-poor executives.  For over 13 years, she has run a video production agency writing video scripts to influence, as well as articles on communication that have been published worldwide.  Her popular Workplace Communicator blog is read by close to 10,000 people each month.  Over the last ten years, she has worked with large industrial companies around the world to improve their safety communication.  To learn more, visit www.digicast.com.au

About Digicast Productions

Established in 1991, Digicast is a communications agency that specializes in both internal and external communication.  Our communication programs work to change behavior from aligning staff with your culture, launching new initiatives and training staff to keep them safe and productive.  For more information, visit Digicast at www.digicast.com.au or The Workplace Communicator blog for training tips, www.digicast.com.au/blog

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