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Is this the Most Unlikely Leader Ever?

Is this the Most Unlikely Leader Ever?

Despite the potential threat of the horrific death of their friend, and possible manslaughter charges, four unlikely accomplices worked tirelessly together to help create what is arguably the 20th century’s most artistic and dangerous endeavour ever. In the process, the main leader demonstrated remarkable skill as a leader and CEO of the group.

8 Important Supervisor Leadership Qualities for Safety

A quality is part of our personality that comes naturally to us.  For example, you might think of one of your friends as 'always being generous'.  This means being generous is a characteristic or quality that a person has.

While a skill is defined as a learned capability.  A skill is not necessarily something we are born able to do, but it can be learnt.  For example: Being able to communicate clearly is a skill that we learn to do which takes years of practise.

So what are good leadership qualities in supervisors?