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Announcing SIA Conference - New Expectations of Health and Safety


We are excited to announced that Marie-Claire Ross will be speaking at the Safety in Action Virtual Conference on Monday 26 October.

According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, since the pandemic, a massive 90% of people now look to brands that put employees’ well-being ahead of profit. Consumers want organisations to put first the health and safety of workers.

Marie-Claire will be speaking on how COVID-19 has shifted the value of the health and safety department. It’s no longer about “health and safety on the shop floor.” Employees now realise the value of workplace health and safety's role in mental health and well-being of employees both at home and at work.

"Interestingly, I am finding that this consumer shift is also changing what employees are expecting from their #healthandsafety departments.  This is a bigger picture value proposition for workplace health and safety involving greater expectations. Requiring HSE to reimagine and review the value it brings to workplaces - operationalising and communicating it in a new way.  These new expectations
mean that health and safety is involved with humanising the workplace.  Bridging the gap between leadership and employees to demonstrate that the organisation cares about people.  This is so critical to our psychological safety as we need to feel connected, that we are safe to be ourselves and that we have a shared future together.  This needs to not only cascade trust down from the top, but at middle management and below, " says Marie-Claire Ross.

Based on extensive stakeholder interviews, Marie-Claire will discuss:

  • How employee expectations of WHS have shifted.
  • Four steps to re-imagine and review the value of WHS.
  • How to operationalise WHS in a new way.

You can find out more about her engaging online session at Safety in Action Virtual Conference.  Early bird tickets expire on 30 September.