If you want to undertake a cultural change, grow your business or navigate uncertainty, facilitated workshops offer the best opportunity to encourage your senior leaders to self-reflect, work together and think differently about issues.

Marie-Claire provides a safe environment, in order to facilitate open and honest discussions.  Using a mixing of interesting questions and techniques, she creates lively conversations, while still managing to ensure an action-based environment.  At the heart of all her facilitated workshops are techniques that both encourage and model trust-based leadership behaviours that increase psychological safety.

Facilitated workshops include:

  • Optimising Trust in the Executive Team - this is combined with SUCCEED Together executive team trust assessment results that highlights issues in the team that have been previously left unspoken.  These sessions encourage open discussions between senior leaders to better understand why trust and collaboration is important and what this looks like for the leadership team.
  • Building Trust Capabilities in Leaders- a planning session to review what leadership skills have worked during COVID, what hasn't worked and additional behaviours required to create a sustainable organisation.