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What is inconsistent corporate training costing your company?

Consistent staff trainingIt goes without saying that staff training is incredibly important for continual company improvement.

In Chet Holmes book,The Ultimate Sales Machine, he talks about the Tribal Method of Training.  This is where information gets passed person to person by word of mouth, like the cavemen might have done (informal training).

Newcomers work alongside another staff member to learn what they are meant to do.  There is no formal classroom training, no formal methodology and no training manuals.

This is the worst type of staff training.  Mainly because the training is inconsistent and if the staff member is having a bad day they will just teach bad habits.

Another style of staff induction or staff training is the formal classroom style.  Of course, while the training materials might be consistent different trainers will often teach different things.

And if you need to undertake sales training, take a look at Paul McCord's blog post called " Consistency in Sales Training relates directly to Consistency in Production".  It's a real eye-opener about the costs of inconsistent training to a company's sales process.

Good training ensures that all staff work in harmony.

How consistently trained are your staff?  To find out how well you are faring write a T or F against the following questions:

1. Each training facilitator teaches the same procedures, so that staff walk away knowing exactly what to do

2. Every staff member would provide the same answer for one of our processes.

3. All of our staff members perform their job at a high level of excellence.

4. Results in our company are predictable because of consistent training and skills.

5. All employees know what the company considers as a good attitude or performance.

6. Customer complaints are always dealt with in the same way, no matter which department the customer complains to.

If you have answered false to any of these statements, you aren't serious about the calibre of your training.

With consistent training, every staff member will know your procedures so that customers are dealt with in the same manner and all procedures are done in the most productive, correct and safe manner.  Productivity is high.

And remember, you can't get more consistent training than a properly made staff training video.

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