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Are you really thriving in your next leadership challenge?

As we step into more demanding leadership roles, the weight of the decisions we make and the impact on others get bigger. Constant demands and the changing business needs of your role can become overwhelming, exhausting and almost suffocating. 

If you have always considered yourself a high performer, you might be wondering:

    • How do I create a high performing team with this new team?
    • How do I manage upwards?
    • How do I influence other leaders?
    • How do I create a positive team culture?
    • Why aren’t the strategies I used in the past no longer working?
    • How can I feel more confident in my decisions?
    • How can I stay motivated?
    • How do I inspire my team with the new vision?
If you relate to any of the questions above, don’t worry, you’re not alone.
The Achievement Zone is here to help
AZ Purpose
Achievement Zone Model

So What is The Achievement Zone Exactly?

It’s the place we all crave as humans that’s high in safety and accountability. It’s a supportive environment where people solve hard problems, explore new ideas, challenge one another and focus on continuous improvement. It’s where we believe that as a team we can achieve anything together.

The Achievement Zone features in the book, Trusted to Thrive: How leaders create connected and accountable teams.

Keeping ourselves in the Achievement Zone is not easy. We need to be intentional, optimistic and always aligning to it. We need to BELIEVE in ourselves, and in our people. 

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Getting your team into The Achievement Zone is all down to you. The leader - how you guide, inspire and support others. 

And it starts with your MINDSET - how you perceive your role, collaborate with managers, navigate challenges, embrace ambiguity, and your readiness to continually enhance your abilities.

And it’s not easy to do this alone.


Leading teams is complex


Leadership requires navigating diverse personalities, motivations and outdated work practices. How you lead must adapt when things change from welcoming a new team member right through to working on a new project.

Whether you find yourself promoted within your existing team or entrusted with leading a new team, changing negative reactions or behaviours and uplifting capabilities may seem like a daunting task. 

Turning to existing leaders in your company or reading LinkedIn articles may not always provide the answers you seek or even align with your leadership ideals. Going with your gut can also lead you astray, if you aren't really clear on what you are doing. You can waste a lot of time trying to work out the best steps forward with a trial-and-error approach.

But in a community of high performers?  Everything becomes easier. It’s where you’ll find the support, confidence and understanding that you need to overcome tricky challenges and reduce overwhelm. 

Community is where the magic happens.

There is something really powerful about community and shared experiences
Close up view of the hands of a group of people giving a thumbs up gesture of approval an success with their hands raised against a blank green chalkboard with copyspace

It is hard to change on our own.

Transformation occurs in groups.  Change seems more achievable when we can see change reflected in others.

What would be possible for you if you were surrounded by other high performing leaders also navigating and learning how to expand their leadership capabilities?

Imagine the possibilities that would be available to you - increased confidence, new leadership tools, being able to accelerate your results and better job fulfilment! 

The good news is that you don't have to imagine what it would be like. It exists.

The Achievement Zone Membership is designed for high-achieving leaders who strive to sustain peak performance levels for themselves and empower their teams to excel at a high standard.

It’s where you get the answers you need to grow your impact and your leadershipconfidently, clearly, and with a group of leaders supporting you along the way


Why I created The Achievement Zone

As someone who has led teams from the age of 19 and run my own businesses for over twenty years, my leadership journey has been pretty bumpy. And lonely.

I was always left to my own devices to figure out how to lead my team.

At 19, I was asked to lead a team of 10 people. Everyone was older than me. I felt unworthy and unsure. My fears got the best of me and I resigned from the position. During that time, I had no-one to mentor or support me.  I didn’t receive any leadership training or words of encouragement that I could even lead a team of people double my age. 

It wasn’t until I was leading my own business, that leadership was thrust upon me again. I couldn’t run away this time. I quickly learnt that if I was going to encourage my employees to turn up to work and do a good job, I had to lead with kindness, trust people to do the right thing and accept people for their differences. 

It wasn't easy for me. I even fainted the first time I fired an employee!

I became obsessed with leadership and learnt everything I could. I attended conferences, hired coaches, read book after book, and joined a couple of networks.  My journey wasn't a straight path—it was a winding road of persistent trial and error, dotted with numerous mistakes along the way.

Since then..

Fuelled by an insatiable curiosity about leadership, I started writing weekly leadership blog articles in 2009 (which I've done pretty consistently to this day). And I've written two books, Transform your Safety Communication and Trusted to Thrive: How leaders create connected and accountable teams.

It also inspired me to train and coach other leaders, as well as create models (such as The Achievement Zone) to help leaders better apply leadership practices. I also created my own company, Trustologie®, which is dedicated to helping leaders build trusted, thriving teams. 

For nearly two decades, I've dedicated countless hours to mastering the art of leadership, conducting in-depth interviews within a myriad of companies and engaging with hundreds of leaders to gather a treasure trove of insights. My journey has been one of relentless refinement, constantly honing my strategies through a process of meticulous experimentation.

All of my research led me to create a leadership development program that actually works. In my foundational evidence-based Tribe of Trusted Leaders - Leadership Mastermind, 85% of students are deemed promotion ready, with 43% having already been promoted. 

I’ve also had the privilege of working with leaders around the world such as large companies like Petronas (Malaysia), Atkins-Realis (Canada) and Novartis (Sweden). As well as medium and Government sized organisations closer to home such as FB Rice, Department of Health, ATO, Bondi Sands, Cooling Bros, Oncore Services and Ambulance Victoria.

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Transform_Your_Safety_Communication_ book

MY PURPOSE IS to INSPIRE people-focused leaders with impactful strategies and insights for tangible team success.

And that’s exactly what you’ll find in The Achievement Zone — a supportive, interactive community that encourages high-performing leaders to get their mojo back (or keep their mojo on fire) and embed themselves in a learning group. So you get the inspiration, the encouragement and advice I never had.

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"I'm still on such a high from the last Master Class and the leadership technique you taught us. I've been able to introduce it to my team. I've had some wonderful things happen internally since applying it." 🥰🥰
Midsize organisation
"Since being in the Tribe of Trusted Leaders Program, Julia has become considerably better at having difficult conversations. I have seen her start to find a way to balance difficult conversations with trust/safety with the needs and requirements of the business. I have seen her grow more motivated to push her team into the next phase of their careers, encourage their contribution but also challenge their perceptions/opinions where appropriate. Throughout this course she has grown more confident in her abilities and to really acknowledge and harness her strengths!!"
Manager of New Team Leader
Midsize company
"Since starting the Tribe of Trusted Leader's program, Amelia's team have risen to a new level, taken more ownership and also embraced change better. Progress is continually being tracked in line with the overarching strategy. Amelia and her team have executed on this, something that no one before has been able to do."
Midsize organisation
"Kim's ability to reflect on her leadership abilities, grow and challenge herself have definitely been enabled by the Tribe of Trusted Leaders Program.I have seen Kim's team regain alignment, motivation and excitement for their jobs over the past 6 months and it's been a pleasure to watch."
Leader of Leader
Midsize organisation
"Being in the Tribe of Trusted Leaders has helped me gain a better understanding of myself both on a personal level and professionally. I've also gained more confidence in the realisation that because my leadership style differs from someone else's, it doesn't mean that I am any less of a leader. My trust in both myself and my team has increased."
Finance Team Leader
Midsize organisation
"Marie-Claire teaches you how to build trust by example. From the first moment we spoke on the phone, Marie-Claire had my trust. She listened to me carefully, understood my struggles, and came up with a plan to help me overcome the challenges. During our sessions, she showed me no judgement. I always felt comfortable to open up to her about my experience and my thoughts. Marie-Claire has taught me that it's all possible for me. I'm now more confident and I know I'm capable of handling tough situations at work. This is the growth that I was looking for, and Marie-Claire certainly invoked it. I strongly recommend Marie-Claire to anyone that wishes to improve their work experience."
Nikolay Hsu
Team Lead, Software Development
"I can’t thank Marie-Clare enough for the support and confidence she gave me throughout the program and I have no hesitation in recommending anyone that believes they, or their teams, could use some development and leadership coaching. Marie-Claire was always on topic and had the intuitiveness to understand what I needed. She assisted me with the tools I needed to understand, plan and develop into the role very quickly."
Garry Undy
National HSE Manager
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If this sounds like IT"S FOR YOU, then come and join us.

We start officially with our first Leadership Lounge on
Friday 28 June. Founder member pricing ends June 27.

The first Leadership Lounge is The Achievement Mindset.

What if I can't make the live sessions?
All sessions are recorded. You will have access to the recording in the secure Tribe of Trusted Leaders Community Hub. 
What does my commitment look like? And how many hours will this take?
There are three hours of live content a month. The most important is the one-hour Leadership Lounge which is where you learn strategies and discuss with others. 
How do I pay?

Click on one of the buttons on this page to proceed to checkout. Once you're there, you can enter the required information and pay by credit card.

Do you offer a refund?

It means a lot to me that this material makes a difference in your leadership. With all my resources, I offer a no-questions-asked 30-day guarantee

Just email us at support@trustologie.com.au and we’ll be happy to help.

What if my company is able to pay?
When you pay by credit card, you will receive an invoice. 
Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes! You can pay in monthly installments.


I have some emerging leaders. Would they qualify?

No. This is for leaders who have been leading for at least 2-3 years or have completed the Tribe of Trusted Leaders - Leadership Mastermind. Leaders must be high performers who are in need of support to continue performing (and leading) at a high level.

What if I have multiple leaders who would benefit from membership?
That's wonderful that you are willing to support your leaders. You can sign up people individually, so that they have their own account.
I have another question not listed here.

Contact Marie-Claire Ross through using the contact form. You can also call 0438 986 630.