No matter which topic your choose - Marie-Claire will keep the room engaged.  She insists on leading custom, highly interactive, insightful and engaging sessions, where everyone walks away with new insights and valuable tools to apply immediately.

She is an internationally sought-after keynote and conference speaker, with over 100 speeches and workshops delivered over the past 8 years to audiences ranging from 10 to 600.  She does online, hybrid and face-to-face.

Marie-Claire is an expert on trust at work. With her Amazon number one best seller, TRUSTED TO THRIVE, she disrupts status quo thinking and helps leaders understand a new way of leading teams.  She will leave your attendees thinking and talking long after the session is over.  Whether you want a 30, 60 or 90 minute keynote Marie-Claire will engage and share her expertise in a simple, experiential and engaging manner.

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“Marie-Claire’s talk was phenomenal. Everyone has been given some very good tools and questions to improve trust. Absolutely phenomenal.”

Alan Joyce, CEO, Qantas Airways Limited


Unlocking Team Potential: 3 Steps to Building Trust and Engagement for Success

According to Gallup's State of the Global Workplace report, highly engaged teams show a 41% reduction in absenteeism, a 17% increase in productivity and on average, achieve 2.5 times more revenue than competitors with lower engagement levels.

Today's dynamic landscape demands leaders who know how to create a thriving trusted culture - one that is so strong people don’t want to leave. 

This thought-provoking session will unpack for you a system to more easily create an engaged team culture.

In this session you will:

-Discover the profound impact of the brain on our ability to trust others.

-Delve into the three essential leadership pillars that form the bedrock of a trusted team culture.

-Explore tangible examples of seamlessly integrating a trust-building system into your team's daily dynamics.


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Fostering an Achievement Zone Culture - 4 Ways to a Happy, Thriving Team

As human beings, we all crave being part of a team that is creating something bigger than we can do on our own.

Yet, it can be hard to create a team environment that maintains success long-term. 

High performing teams require leaders who know how to get the best from themselves, and their direct reports.

This keynote will: 

  • Explore how psychological safety and accountability are inextricably linked.
  • Delve into the intricacies of the four performance zones that impact team dynamics.
  • Reveal strategies to move up the zones of performance.


Take the Lead and Inspire Others - Are you ready to be a Confident Leader?

Studies show that when people are more confident, they tend to advance more quickly and to rise to a higher level compared with those who had less confidence.

However, a leader’s confidence can diminish due to the fear of failure, imposter syndrome, an unsupportive workplace culture and the overwhelming demands of priorities and responsibilities.

So how do you improve your confidence and deliver sustainable results? 

Discover the delicate balance as we delve into the correlation between self-trust and effective leadership.

This keynote will:

  • Share the importance of why leaders need to trust themselves and know what they can and can't control.
  • Unpack how your own psychology impacts your results.
  • Outline four steps to become the trusted, confident leader that your direct reports want you to be.

This keynote includes a one-page action plan (to increase commitment to change and provide self-reflection time), activities, best practices and practical tools for leaders to use immediately.

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Boosting Employee Fulfilment and Client Success: 9 Steps to Improve Visible Leadership

Visibility is key to building trust and ensuring accountability and safety. In hybrid workplaces, visibility has become even more important.

This keynote will: 

  • Why visibility is important to leadership.
  • 3 ways leaders can improve visible leadership.
  • Provide powerful tools for leaders to enhance visibility with their employees. 


KEYNOTE - 6 Critical Steps to Foster a High-Trust leadership team

Research by McKinsey discovered a 1.9 times increased likelihood of above-median financial performance when the top team is working together toward a common vision.

This keynote will: 

  • 3 top challenges to leadership team cohesion.
  • How leadership teams SUCCEED Together®.
  • Reveal how to move up into the Achievement Zone.


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When employees trust management and the organisation they are more likely to exchange ideas and information, discuss difficult issues and find ways to create synergy.  

But if people don’t trust, they close down.  It means they won’t contribute in meetings, collaborate or try anything new for fear of retribution.  In fact, a Vital Smarts study found that 93% of people believe their organisation is at risk of an accident waiting to happen because people are unwilling or unable to speak up.  

This keynote will:

  • Reveal how workplace trust issues impact employee wellbeing and safety.
  • Discuss powerful steps to helping people feel safe.
  • Unpack communication employees require to influence behaviour change.



Relevant and Engaging

Marie-Claire was extremely professional and responsive to deal with. We really appreciated her ability to align her content with our desired outcome and meet expectations. Our audience found her presentation to be relevant and engaging. We were very happy with our decision to have Marie-Claire as our keynote speaker!

C​​ourtney McGill, Wellbeing Advisor People and Culture, City of Casey

Fabulous Presentation

Marie-Claire you promised us a firehose attack and you succeeded.  I thought it was a fabulous presentation. It was wide-reaching, insightful and from all the scribbling that was going on, some really useful stuff for participants.  Massive value for us to drink that information in because it improves us not just as leaders, but as leaders in a more holistic way and stimulating our minds to give information to really take home. 

Tim Jenkins, Director of Safety, QANTAS

Practical Advice!

Marie-Claire spoke at Associations Forum's popular CEO & Chair Symposium in February 2020 in Adelaide. Her session was interactive and gave practical advice. She encouraged interaction between the delegates while going through the steps for fostering a high trust senior leadership team. We appreciated Marie-Claire's involvement and subsequent interaction with the delegates rather than zooming away:)

John Peacock, CEO, Associations Forum

Extremely Engaging!

Marie-Claire Ross delivered a webinar event for AuSAE members. She was extremely engaging, insightful and practical! Providing timely information and frameworks to our community. Marie-Claire shared a great wealth of knowledge and was very open and generous to our members. We look forward to reengaging Marie-Claire again in the future.

Kerrie Green, Director Member Experience, Australasian Society of Association Executives

Thought Provoking!

Marie-Claire presented at our SIRF Roundtables Safety Innovations Roundtable. Her presentation was engaging, thought provoking and she introduced new information & tools which attendees saw genuine value in. Marie-Claire's session received a rating of excellent from all attendees. 


Jeff Naylor, MD, SIRF Roundtables

Valuable and Insightful

"Marie-Claire delivered a webinar to a diverse representation of the membership of Women in Banking and Finance. This is a pertinent issue for our membership, who hold leadership roles across the full spectrum of the financial services sector. Marie-Claire’s approach was very pragmatic and engaging.  Our members asked numerous questions and have given strong feedback describing the session as interesting, valuable and insightful. I would highly recommend Marie-Claire’s workshops and content.”

Jen Dalitz, CEO, Women in Banking and Finance

"Great chairperson and facilitator.  Marie-Claire was able to think quickly and navigate some interesting challenges regarding keeping the pace moving and asking questions when no one else did, and steering the conversation when necessary.  There were great insights between presentations and we were kept on track for timing."

Audience member feedback
HRD HR Summit, Melbourne 2019

“ALPMA has engaged Marie-Claire for two separate webinars on building trust within remote teams and during a pandemic. Leadership, consistent communication and clear expectations all lead to increased trust which Marie-Claire explains effortlessly. Marie-Claire is an excellent presenter who is very knowledgable and able to convey complex information with ease and simplicity. Delivering content in an online environment, to an unseen audience, can be daunting but Marie-Claire presented a fabulous, well rounded and structured session that hit the brief.”

Emma Elliott
Australian Legal Practice Management Association (ALPMA)

“Thank you for your workshop. I found your session incredibly engaging and useful, and have lots of things I want to try with my team.”

Kristy Dam
Assistant Commissioner, Australian Taxation Office

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