If you are on a safety cultural transformation journey, you know that over time your safety program starts to lose traction.

Keeping health and safety at the forefront of people's minds is a continuous process.  Production speed pressures compete for safe production.  While changing mindsets to "safety is someone else's responsibility" to "we are all responsible for safety" takes time.

Before long the leadership team is concerned that change isn't happening fast enough and that supervisors aren't showing enough initiative to improve things.

To change mindsets and behaviours requires safety communication that moves from awareness of safe practices to what role staff need to play.  This involves creating emotionally resonant communication that helps people understand why they need to care about safety. 

Yet, too often safety communication is written for "people's heads, not their hearts."

Fast Track your Safety Communication has been designed specifically for those who need to influence their workforce to value safety.  It's for safety leaders, safety committees, internal communication and change professionals.

It has been created to help safety leaders more efficiently influence and connect safety programs with employees, so that people feel and believe in the value of safety.

It is all about moving you HSE communication from being compliance based or proactive to one that is humanised.  Not only does this save time in producing communication content, but it also has more of an impact on changing behaviour.  Ensuring that internal communication is valued for its ability to inspire change.

Shaping Safety Culture through Safety Communication Model


COVID-19 has shifted the value of the health and safety department. It’s no longer about “health and safety on the shop floor.” Employees now value the HSE role for mental health and wellbeing advice both at home and work.

Today, employees want heart-felt, engaging emotional content that helps them understand why they should care about safety.

This is a bigger picture value proposition for HSE involving greater expectations. Requiring HSE to reimagine and review the value it brings to workplaces - operationalising it in a new way.

It starts with HSE being a trusted advisor centrally managing HSE communication. I call this the 4 S’s:

Serve Us – Guide leaders and employees on how to live the cultural values.
Safeguard Us – Share best practices for health and safety.
Support Us – Increase connection and consultation.
Shape Us - Provide real time information.

Introducing the Fast Track your Safety Communication program that has been designed to help HSE communicators more effectively shape safety culture.  Drawing on neuroscience and proven advertising techniques, it provides safety communicators with more efficient tools to help keep the momentum going on safety programs.  As well as setting up the right structure to serve, support and shape the organisation's safety culture.

HSE Trusted Advisor Model
“The workshop has highlighted so many interesting approaches to get the audience to pay attention to our content. This will help us to get our message across.   Now, I can tap into people's minds and drive them to take the right action with the right information and communications approach.”
Communication Executive, Group HSSE, PETRONAS

FAST track your safety communication PROGRAM


This training is designed for a variety of safety leaders.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Create effective safety messages that inspire action and improve employee accountability.
  • Design powerful communication campaigns using frameworks that are proven to change behaviours.
  • Better understand different audiences within organisations, in order to create relevant, personalised content.


  • Easy to understand tools and techniques that they can use straight away.
  • A workbook to undertake activities, learn important information and write notes.
  • Easy to use plug and play frameworks to more efficiently produce communication.
  • The opportunity for group coaching to continue improving capabilities after training has ended.



This training is available both as online and face to face training.  The curriculum (see below) is based on the AURA Communication Framework.  It can be modified to fit into one full day or the standard two day program.  90 minute individual masterclasses can also be chosen.  The program is interactive, so participants get to learn from each other.  Up to 25 participants are included.  The Program includes:

  • Design meeting – Discussion to understand safety program objectives, employee challenges and mindsets.  This can also be supplemented with results from stakeholder interviews.
  • Pre-work – Participants are encouraged to bring in a communication project to work on during the training.
  • Interactive workshops (selected from core curriculum or additional, so that it is right for your audience).
  • Group coaching (optional)– This includes group coaching after the training workshops to provide feedback on communication that is being created.  Great way to ensure that emotional content is being produced.  
  • Debrief – To close out the program, results from the workshop evaluation, as well as observations from coaching will be shared with the project sponsors.

The cost for all of these deliverables starts from $1500+GST for one online master class to up to $12,000+GST for a two day face to face workshop. 


Staff are thinking and responding more about safety

“Before the FAST TRACK workshop, I struggled with getting much attention with written safety information from both employees and senior management. Now, I’m getting more responses and feedback, when before they forgot it very quickly.  You’ve shown me ways of developing new techniques that have assisted me greatly.”

Jim Ramsbottom, HSE & Community Manager, Northpoint

Learn the Secrets in Creating Impactful Communication

“I now have great tools to be used in creating HSSE communication and I'll spend more time to structure the communication based on the tools and frameworks learned.”


Manager, HSE Knowledge Management, PETRONAS

The Knowledge and Insights are Superb!

I am eager to put the framework and all the tips and tools given into practice. Now, I can be more deliberate and purposeful in curating better and more engaging communication, regarding HSSE or beyond.  The trainer, Marie-Claire is very knowledgeable and engaging throughout the workshop and is able to keep the energy high and the learning fun despite this being a virtual workshop."

Intan Yaakob, Change Manager, PETRONAS

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