Today’s fast-changing world features speed, complexity and dense interdependencies. The ability to problem solve in real time is critical, in order to advance an organisation forward.

At its core, this requires an energetic leadership team that is incredibly focused on delivering the right customer outcomes. Uniting together as a harmonised collective - prioritising, communicating and co-ordinating work in alignment with a clear vision. 

But how well does your executive team:

  • Work together to solve problems?
  • Show interest in one another and what their team is working on?
  • Believe in the strategy and communicate it to their direct reports?
  • Trust one another to deliver on time and to a high standard?

A lack of trust and alignment on the strategy puts your organisation at risk.  Over time, innovation drops off, speed to market and business pace slow down.  The cost is a loss of confidence in the decisions made by the leadership team to lead the organisation forward.

I help CEOs reach their goals 2-3 times faster than before.  Working with your executive team I can help you increase the credibility of your senior leadership team to your stakeholders and help you feel less stressed about those who aren't aligned on your strategy.



Executives don't often realise they're not collaborating well and the full impact on the organisation.

To break through this cognitive bias, I've developed an exploratory five-step process that helps people figure out why working harmoniously will actually improve their individual results.

These steps work towards building stronger consensus and an urgency to change.

Working with your leadership team may involve:





Building Trust in Leadership Teams Framework

SUCCEeD Together Trust Framework® helps leaders better understand trusted behaviours and issues, so they can talk about them openly and solve them (without feeling uncomfortable).  It is based on six trust drivers that are multi-dimensional - what team members need to do to build trust with each other and what the CEO must do to harmonise a team culture that trusts the CEO.

SUCCEED Together® provides a proven process that breaks through confusion and provides a consistent language for people to discuss abstract terms. It also breaks down all the different areas in which team members need to focus. Making it easier for technically-oriented leaders to know what to do. It helps your team to start having open discussions about how trust needs to exist in the leadership team - so that you get everyone on the same page with interactions, communication and behaviours.

You can think of it as being like a tuning fork that helps you tune into what you team needs to willingly work together, so you create harmonic convergence.

It starts with each team member undertaking the 12 minute online diagnostic. The results collates everyone’s individual experience, so that every voice is heard. The statements from each of the six trust drivers are consolidated to form six trust indexes.

What makes this assessment unique is that the results are broken down between the CEO and other team members.  This ensures the CEO models candour and enables people to air their grievances and solve them together in a safe environment.   Even if you don't believe there are any issues - this process helps unearth potential derailments down the track.

Not only that, but the results to all of the 60 statements are collected to create the SUCCEED Together® Trust Index. This is benchmarked to other organisations, so you can compare your performance to other similar sized organisations.

Building a Cohesive Leadership Team

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"The challenges we were trying to overcome were a SLT that could work better together.   The work we did with Marie-Claire enabled people to have greater confidence to talk about the reasons behind the decisions they were making or challenges they were facing. Reactions that they had to work requests or deadlines… it helped them feel confident it was ok to go into a little bit more detail as to the context behind the situation.  And then reach agreed outcomes that were going to be better for both parties and ultimately, better for our business."

Alick Osbourne
CEO, Seasol International

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