Trust_Performance_final.jpgOne of the first questions we ask ourselves when we meet a new person is "Can I trust them?"

When we first start working with a company or a new team, we quickly assess whether our leader and teammates can be trusted.  This decision determines whether we will become fully productive and work above and beyond what's expected of us.

Trust underpins every interaction, every strategic objeactive and work project in business.  Nearly every business issue an organisation has to deal with derives from a lack of trust somewhere down the line.  When trust is low, everything slows down.

This stymies execution and change, making the organisation vulnerable to competitive threats.

Download the sample trust survey questions, so you can understand:

  • Six reasons why employee engagement surveys and activities aren't the answer (and how they even cause distrust).
  • Why building a high-trust culture is more important than ever to create a longer-term organisation.
  • The changing sentiment of employees and how this affects trust.







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